US Presidential betting 2016 at William Hill

Every so often I see a novelty bet of value. Bookies have to price up all markets whereas punters only have to bet on the ones they have knowledge of.

Looking forward to 2016, I see there will be an election in the USA. Hillary Clinton is the front runner at the moment with the Republicans in a mess. Celebrity Donald Trump is currently ahead in the polls for the Republican nomination, closely followed by Jeb Bush. Closer to the time, Trump will drop off. His comments about Mexicans make him far to toxic to be considered seriously.

Current William Hill odds are even money for Clinton, with Jeb Bush at 4.5. Trump is out at 40s. The other contenders are at 8s and 9s which are pretty much long shots. Barring catastrophe, it will be Clinton who will face a Republican. She is as low as 1.14 to be the Democratic nomination.

This is where it gets interesting with the William Hill odds. You have Clinton at evens to be president but you also have sex of next president being female at 2.1. This makes no sense. If Clinton wins the race, the winner will be female. Surely the odds on a female president should be equal or less than Clinton winning?

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I am on it anyway. Might lose but I see it being better than even chance of Clinton winning and to get odds against is a bargain. You can [sc:will-txt ]sign up to William Hill here

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