Odds on the next general election being in 2020

I wrote this before but it didn't save. Basically Theresa May has ruled out a snap election. Bet365 are offering 2.2 for the election to be in 2020. Corals are offering 1.67 which I think is more like it.

Hit bet max and put £250 on it.


No chance of an election this year so 6.0 is a joke price. I'd want 25.0 at least. Less than 4 months of the year left and that includes Christmas. Only thing that could scupper this bet is if something terrible happens before article 50 gets invoked.

With the fixed terms parliament act, there are only 2 ways a general election can be called.

  1. Two thirds of MPs vote – unlikely that Labour and Conservative will agree
  2. Vote of no confidence. Unlikely that the Conservatives will give themselves a vote of no confidence.

Anyway, fingers crossed May keeps her word and no snap elections. Might be a long time to wait for the winnings but money isn't making anything in the bank.


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