Beating William Hill

Bookies have offers all the time to make you sign up and bet more. Sign up bonuses are usually very generous but you can only use them once. On going bonuses are usually stingier. For example, money back on selected bets if the game ends 0-0, like how many games end up 0-0 nowadays and even so, the selected bets are always the high margin bets.

William Hill have a decent offering running every week though. If one team lets you down in a 6 fold or more, you get a free bet token up to the same value up to £50. The free bet token is credited the next day and returns don't include the stake. Also if you have another 6 team accumulator and 1 lets you down, you don't get another token. It used to be a lot better because it used to be 5 folds and above and if your free bet token had one loser in a five fold they gave you another token. Still this offer is decent.


There are a few ways to play this offer. My favourite is just betting on bankers. You can do it across all European Leagues so you can have Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich etc in there. Their odds are only about 1.1 – 1.2 at home but it adds to the accumulator.


I narrowly missed out on a winner there. As if Chelsea didn't beat Newcastle! With the special offer though, I got another chance the week after. As bankers rarely lose, you are effectively getting insurance on doubles and trebles. How many times does one team let you down? This must be costing William Hill loads in these free bet tokens.

The other way to play this is for it to be a bit of fun. 3 of us every week pick 2 teams each to bet on. We put these on the 6 fold and hope for the best. Its £10 each a week. We tend to pick teams that are odds on so the odds aren't always great. Usually works out at around £1000 returns. You only need to hit it once a season and you are up. Every time you get 5 right you get another free bet the day after. Pretty good.

Last season (2013/14) we won on the first 2 weekends. Made about £2000 between us. That sorted us out for the season because we didn't hit another winner. Even picking relatively safe bets it hard to get a six fold up. It does happen once or twice a season where all the favourites win and bookies have to pay out on all these accumulators. Just stick with small stakes and consider a bit of fun.

We'll be posting our William Hill bets on the site but these are really just for fun. More like trying to win the lottery than betting for a living though.

At the time of writing they have 2 other offers. First is the second goal scorer. “If your chosen First Goal Scorer doesn't score the first goal, but scores the second goal, we'll refund your losing stake as a free bet.” Not convinced that's a good deal. FGS bets generally aren't my thing due to the high margin. I don't think this insurance makes it worth while.


Other other bet is the 0-0 bore draw money back. At first I thought this was a waste of time but looking at it, its actually pretty good if you play it right. “If a match finishes 0-0, we'll refund losing Correct Score and Double Result bets on that match as a Free Bet.” Whats strange is that its on correct scores and double result. When Paddy runs these offers they usually do, correct score, scorecast and First/ Last goal scorer. To have the double result makes it more worth while and the condition being 0-0 can be used to your advantage.


There are some games that have 0-0 written all over them or low scoring anyway. Think of of a cagey game which no one wants to lose or one where neither team has a decent goal scorer. You could just bet on 1-0 either way and 1-1. If any come in, great, if its 0-0 you get some free bets, else you lose but then you were wrong about it being low scoring.

Check out all their promotions here. I think the accumulator one is the best though and its one I will take advantage of every week until it stops. See my William Hill accumulators here.

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