In-Play goals goals goals=money money money

Everton 3-6 Chelsea!! Who would have predicted that?! Well not me, but I certainly got a whole lost of money back for seeing the game develop into one where goals were just going to keep coming….Over the last couple of weeks I've started to notice that there can be money earned in the in-play overs market for goals, if you chose the right games, and bet at the right time. This culminated in a huge win yesterday during the Everton Chelsea game, however I have won quite a few in this market since the season started.

So what are the ‘rules'? Ideally you will be watching the game, however that isn't always the case. I look for games where there have already been goals and look to place mid way (70 minutes+)through the second half or If you notice the game really opening up. One thing I have noticed is that the bookies don't really respond to this, the odds for more goals will generally stay the same regardless of how open the game is. Another key thing to look for is that the away team is winning (if the teams are similar standards) or if the away team is expected to win and the home team is ahead, this can be a good indicator to more goals. The reason I look for the above is the psychology of the game. If an away team is winning the pressure is automatically on the home team due to fan pressure to push for an equalizer, which inflates the chance of them scoring but also and often what happens the chance of the away team catching them on the break. For this reason I tend to stick to just overs rather than focus on home or away. I.E. It's 1-2 and you will look for the over 3.5 goals market not over 1.5 home or over 2.5 away.

Moreover, look for teams you know will attack, and don't just stick to the English league. Germany is a good attacking league with plenty of goals, as can the Spanish league can be. Bayern, Dortmund, Real and Barca will all score a lot of goals, for instance, but they are always laible to let goals in, due to their attacking intent…… If your really adventurous have a look in the south American Leagues! I have seen some crazy results here, but il be honest my knowledge of these teams isn't great, but i do know they like a few goals!

In terms of odds il always look for around evs. From 70 minutes on you will usually get that and you will be surprised by how many 90th minute goals you see. The best bookies for this market I use are 888sport and Bet365. Bet365 have a massive amount of inplay markets and cover more games than most whilst 888 offer good odds. Moreover, both settle bets within a minute or 2 of the goals going in which gives the opportunity to more than double your money should you fancy another goal. A lot of bookies won't credit until the game has finished.

So coming full circle this leads back to the Everton 3-6 Chelsea game from yesterday. When the teams came out in the second half it was clear that it was going to be an open game. I fancied at least 2 more goals and for Everton to bag another so I placed the bottom 2 bets (see below). Then the game went 2-3 and Everton were pilling forward with Chelsea looking dangerous on the break. With profit to work with i bet £75 for over 5.5, and then Chelsea made it 2-4! I was buzzing at this point, but Everton still Kept going forward so i thought id do the same again, and again, and again! Its very rare these games come along but when they do, its happy days.

So if you fancy a dabble, good luck, and i hope you come across a similar game and clean up!!