Blackjack tournament in London at G Casino

By | April 30, 2015

Just got this email from the G casino.

Fancy Winning £50k this May?

Enter the Grosvenor Casinos London and Online Blackjack Tournament, the 1st prize is £50,000 GUARANTEED. Tournament qualifiers take places in the London Casinos between Tuesday 21st April – Monday 11th May. The Semi-Finals and Finals being hosted at the VIP Room at Victoria Casino, London Wednesday 13th May from 7.30pm,

Players will play against each other in order to win a seat at the final table for a chance to scoop the £50,000 guaranteed top prize. Players can qualify online via Live Casino on desktop and mobile or in one of our London casinos. 6 players from each London casino will qualify for the finals, the top 3 highest scoring players and the top 3 accumulative scoring players. Plus, 6 players qualifying from online. A total of 54 lucky Grosvenor Casino players will take their seat at the finals for a chance to win the guaranteed £50,000 top prize.

How to qualify in our London Casinos

£25 to enter. 1000 points and 14 hands to get as many chips as you can, which will be converted into points and earn you a place on the leaderboard. There will be a minimum of 2 qualifying sessions each between 8pm and midnight across our 8 London Grosvenor Casinos. The Barracuda, Gloucester Road, Golden Horseshoe, The Park Tower, Piccadilly, Russell Square, St Giles and The Victoria. Other rounds will be scheduled- see casino for details

How to qualify online

There is no entry fee online, players must opt in on desktop or mobile to participate. 6 players will qualify to take a seat in the finals, 3 players with the highest stakes and 3 players with the most Blackjack hands played on Blackjack Live Casino on desktop or mobile between Tuesday 21st April – Thursday 7th May.

Sounds pretty good. Obviously, I'm not going down to London but I can try enter online. The top 3 overall stakers and the top 3 with the highest number of hands wills get through.

I am guessing by some of the stakes that people play, I've got no chance at entry via the top stakers but I think I may have a chance buy using the total number of hands. Stakes are only £3 a hand for the live blackjack.

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I am a pretty decent blackjack player and so can get the house edge down to about 0.5%. This means I can play a large number of hands without losing too much and may even make a small profit. The bonus about being online live roulette is that you can card count. They change the deck pretty high up but still, if you know a lot of big cards are due, you can up your stakes. Probably not enough to overcome the house edge but enough so it feels like you have a chance of winning.

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I've never actually played a blackjack tournament before. I guess there is a lot of game theory involved. I'll have to figure some strategy out if I get through! If you fancy your chances, [sc:Gcasino-txt ]sign up here

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  1. dean harding

    It’s all about position in Blackjack tournaments, you want to act last so you know exactly how many points you need, i.e if the rest of the players have almost bust you don’t need to bet big but if the other players have built up a huge amount of points your going to need to bet max.


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