Betting tips 9th/ 10th April

Saturday 9th April 2016

West Ham (4) Draw (3.8) Arsenal (2.01)

I don't understand the odds here on a logical point of view. West Ham are in great form. With 3 wins and 2 draws out of the last 5, they are pushing for the Europa League if not the Champions League. The two draws were really unlucky too. One due to a late penalty and one due to a red card. Arsenals 2 wins out of 2 give them a slim chance of winning the title but the truth is, they haven't been good enough to win it. This should finally put an end to their title hopes. The decision is to whether to put on the straight win or the handicap? West Ham +0.5 Asian is 1.96 at Bet Victor

Aston Villa (3.62) Draw (3.45) Bournemouth (2.3)

Villa should be opposed every week. 7 straight losses. They are down and out. Last week, they got battered by a Chelsea B side. Bournemouth are mid-table and are going to end there. They were beaten 4-0 and 3-0 last two games but they were against Manchester City and Spurs. Previously, they were on a 3 game winning streak. I think 2.3 at Bet Victor
is a great price. I don't think Villa are good enough to be in the league.

Man City (1.36) Draw (5.5) West Brom (11.5)

Should be a routine win but with half an eye on PSG I'd be weary about this. Same with Liverpool and Dortmund. Best Avoid those games.

Sunday 10th April 2016

Sunderland (3.6) Draw (3.58) Leicester (2.25)

Odds here are unreal. Its a team 4 points in the relegation zone vs a team top of the league by 7 points. If this was Man City or Arsenal, I reckon odds would be no bigger that 1.8, probably closer to 1.6. Sunderland do have a proven goal scorer in Defoe but thats about it. With the tight Leicester defense, I can't see them getting anything. 1-0 is quite likely the score. Thats 7.5 at Bet365 or straight win is 2.25 at Bet365 too.

Tottenham (1.95) Draw (3.68) Man Utd (4.5)

Sours in good form. They dropped points last week but there against a strong Liverpool side. They can't afford to drop any more here. Last week, Man U were awful against Everton and were lucky to win. I don't think they are great this year. Just luckily scraping results. This Spurs side should catch them out. Home win is 1.95 generally available.